Our Easy All-In-One Solution

DOQMIND is an all-in-one, user-friendly SaaS solution that is easy to configure and use. Via pre-defined workflows and templates, based on 15+ years of experience, you can literally start today. No need for expensive technical integrations or long training sessions!

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Integrate With Your System


Our Platform can be used globally 24-7 without the need of any local software installation or IT infrastructure.


It can be operated from any browser.

to Integrate

We can integrate easily with your ERP software (or any third party software) and import your data.


We ensure that your data, artwork and assets are safe and available.

Facts and Figures

Unstructured processes cost the world’s top companies billions in revenue every year.
0%Reduction in time
on marketing spend
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management time
in costs

4 Modules
Fully Integrated

DOQMIND is an intuitive, all-in-one platform that is easy to configure and use, driving immediate efficiency in your packaging process.


A fully configurable solution with role assignments, timelines, workflows, to-dos, and approval cycles that drive collaboration and simplify project planning.

Digital Asset

Centralize all your digital assets in a single place. Collaborate, organize, search, and gain absolute control over the use and re-use of your design files. 


Bring your team together to collaborate, review, annotate, and compare multiple files, increasing “right first time” artwork by up to 70%.


Systematically gain access to project insights, make data-driven decisions about the future of your project, and observe patterns and trends.

Workflow Management

This user-friendly module allows the project manager to create a project schedule or template. This fully configurable solution is completed with role assignments, approval cycles, rules, responsibilities, timelines and milestones.
The WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT makes it easy for teams to manage and track the progress of their work. Several real-time dashboards give you a complete overview and help you to interfere where needed.
The extra integrated text and translation tools improve the progress of your projects and deliver results on time.

Digital Asset Management

Our DAM system has everything you need to consolidate your digital assets on a central, user-friendly, continually available and secure platform. Our solution comes with a central personalized repository for all your media, artwork, prepress, files, cutter guides, logos, etc.
This DAM system allows your company to manage, fully control and own all digital files created by any stakeholder in the process. Basket functionalities are made to collect, organize and share the latest version with different stakeholders 24/7.
Thanks to a powerful search engine you can quickly find all data and share these comfortably. If you want you can even approve, comment, annotate and compare different version of assets resulting in higher efficiency.

Online Proofing

A viewer in the DOQMIND PLATFORM allows users to compare different versions of artwork. A compare tool automatically highlights the differences. Using the ONLINE PROOFING module speeds up your turnaround and results in the highest quality assurance. The automated error detection improves the collaboration with all process stakeholders and reduces human errors and your ‘prepare to production’ cycle time.

Business Intelligence

The reporting capabilities on the DOQMIND PLATFORM give the brand owner all useful insights to make the right funded decisions and further optimize the process and overall performance of your company.
The amazing reporting functionality can be easily downloaded to your own environment.

What Makes Us Different

Monolithic Architecture vs. Microservices

With a microservices architecture, DOQMIND leads the label and artwork technology pack.
DOQMIND is built as independent components that run each one of our core functions independently, delivering performance and scalability unmatched in the industry.

    With Our Unique Technology Architecture We Offer Our Clients:

  • ● Lower Costs & Increased Efficiency
  • ● Easier Maintenance and Updating
  • ● Faster Time to Market
  • ● Improved Fault Tolerance
  • ● Increased Modularity

The Label and Artwork
Technology Future Is Here

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Shorten Your Time-To-Market

Via the centralization of all the packaging related tasks on the DOQMIND, you limit errors and delays. You exclude using older versions and reduce the approval time when working together with multiple internal and external stakeholders. In addition, the connection with your SAP system, an automatic order-intake, simplifies your packaging process.